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Our Story 

Our Restaurant 


Located a stone's throw away from the Santa Monica beach, Capo's building dates back to 1928 and originally housed an automobile club. Through our restoration, we sought to preserve the authenticity of the original architecture and offer a unique dining experience like no other in the area. 

Within this red-gabled edifice is a strikingly intimate, yet elegant dining room with high beamed ceilings, flickering candles, and a bright corner fireplace.

The Dining Experience

Capo fair can be described as modern Italian style cuisine. Homemade pasta, fresh seafood, and fireplace-grilled meats capture your sense of sight, smell, and taste. Add to that, the ambiance, genuine Italian silverware, knowledgable staff and the outstanding collection of wines. Capo will forever be a part of your most appealing memories. 

Capo is short for Capocuocco which means "chef" in Italian. The style of our menu relates to the simplicity of Italian food. 

Our Wine List


We have over 2,500 labels and 24,000 bottles collected over decades from all different corners of the world.


Capo has received an acknowledgment with The Wine Spectator Grand Award of Excellence for seven consecutive years. The award honors our breadth and depth of world-class wines

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